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Dry Air's Mold Removal Process


Removing mold can be a very delicate process and takes a professional who can come up with a proper plan to remove the mold and clean the air. Here at Dry Air we identify mold damage in a property and then contain the affected area off from the other areas of the property. After the area is contained we set the affected area under negative pressure with a state of the art air scrubbers and ducting, forcing the mold spores to be removed from the air. Once the area is under negative pressure all materials with mold growth are removed by our professionals and all stains remaining are sanded down. The next step would be to vaccuum the entire area with a HEPA vaccuum, designed to remove hidden mold spores. After the area is clean we spray the surfaces down with 2 kinds of anti-microbial. The area needs to be left for a few days in order to apply a anti-microbial sealer which prevents any further mold growth.






mold remediation and removal Minnesota
mold removal and remediation in minnesota
Mold Remediation


Discovering that you have a mold problem is only the first step. After finding the mold the problem then becomes the daunting task of getting rid of it as well as making sure the mold doesn't come back. Many people try to get rid of mold themselves often with the use of bleach and other strong cleaners. This can be very effective initially but often when people try to get rid of the mold themselves they later on find that the mold keeps coming back. The problem is that mold can be very elusive growing in cracks and even within the walls of your home. To make sure that all mold is removed properly we advise you set a time for a Dry Air mold removal specialist to come to your home and thoroughly inspect and clean your property.


Mold Remediation
Mold Removal
Drywall Removal
drywall mold removal and remediation
Drywall Removal

After a property has been affected by mold damage it is very important to remove or treat the area. Removing the moldy area is the best way to prevent future mold. If our specialists spot mold on a wall they immediately remove the dry wall to prevent it spreading further. Drywall is very cheap and it is a lot safer to remove the affected area if at all possible. Our expensive tools allow us to remove walls with the least amount of dust possible and straight cuts to allow for simple restoration.

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