Sewage Damage


Professional sewer damage restoration is needed to properly disinfect and sanitize affected areas to prevent microbial development. If left untreated (or not treated properly), sewer water damage can cause serious health problems, especially in children and elderly people, as well as in those who suffer from chronic respiratory problems or weakened immune systems. Exposure to waste water from a sewage backup can result in a number of diseases, so make sure you give Dry Air a call for your sewer damage removal needs.


sewage cleanup and sewage extraction MN
Sewage backup and cleanup MN
Sewage Cleaning


Here at Dry Air we offer 24-hour emergency response and have certified sewage extraction technicians who will be immediately deployed to assist with sewage cleanup and sanitation. It is essential that all of the affected areas be treated, whether it is floor boards, carpets, walls or furniture. Anything that has been contaminated requires immediate attention from a certifies professional.

sewer water extraction and cleanup
Sewage Extraction


When a toilet or drain has backed up and flooded your property with sewage and you do not know what to do, Dry Air's team of restoration experts are there to assist you and respond IMMEDIATELY to your sewage extraction emergency. Unlike regular water damage from a clean source, or even water from the outside, raw sewage is in a category of its own! Raw sewage extraction needs to be performed as soon as the issue arises. There is no time to waste due to the levels of contamination found in raw sewage. Our raw sewage damage extraction equipment will swiftly remove all raw sewage liquids and material before you know it.