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Does DRY AIR accept Credit Cards?

Yes! We accept both Visa and MasterCard.


Can DRY AIR remove mold from drywall?

Taken directly from "The Complete Guide to Cleaning and Restoration" Mold Remediation section:

"Mold on drywall: It is not possible to remove mold from the paper covering drywall without destroying the drywall itself. Thus the best remediation solution is to remove the contaminated drywall."
(pg.58, Mold Remediation, "The Complete Guide to Cleaning and Restoration)


Does DRY AIR work on holidays?

Yes, Dry Air offers around-the-clock 24/7 emergency services.


What insurance agencies do you work with?

Dry Air works directly with any insurance companies.


How long does DRY AIR take to respond to a call?

Dry Air prides itself in 24-hour emergency service. Depending on the location of the job we will make our best efforts to arrive as soon as possible.

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