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Fire Damage Restoration Services


When a disaster strikes such as a fire it can be a very traumatizing incident. Aside from being shaken emotionally by the potential danger of a fire, people are also left with major damage to their homes. In times of crisis our specialists are here to help get your home back to normal while you recuperate. With a simple phone call a trained fire restoration specialist can be on their way to begin the process of repairing your property.


fire damage repair Minneapolis MN
Fire Repair and Smoke/Soot abatement
Odor removal, smoke and soot abatement
Fire Damage Repairs


Fires can start in numerous ways such as a grease fire, a candle left unsupervised, electrical fire, or from a gas leak. No matter what starts the fire they all end in the same result, which is major destruction to your property. A small flame can grow at an alarming rate burning up many of your possessions as well as causing significant structural damage to the building. If these damages are not dealt with properly or quickly enough it can lead to further damage to the building such as rain water damage to the structure. In many cases our trained fire damage specialists can work directly with your insurance company to help assess and document the damage before moving on to repairs.


Smoke Remediation


Many people see the obvious damages of actual flames burning up their home, but few are prepared for the amount of smoke damage that is caused in a fire. When a fire gets out of control within your home it produces an excessive amount of smoke that gets trapped within your home. The soot and smell of the smoke can almost be as destructive as the actual fire in the amount of damage caused to the building. Fire damage specialists can help assess the amount of smoke and fire damage to your home and begin to quickly restore your life back to normal.


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